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CABT is pressing the Biden administration to curtail the use of bigger trucks because they are environmentally damaging – as well as a public safety threat.


  • The Biden administration is making good on its campaign promise to put climate change front and center with a focus on pressing for new vehicle emissions standards.


  • As part of that far-reaching effort, CABT is encouraging the new administration to oppose the use of extra heavy, extra long trucks that would emit excessive carbon into the atmosphere.


In communications with the new administration and its allies on Capitol Hill, CABT has made the point that bigger trucks divert cargo from far more environmentally friendly modes of transportation – railroads.


In a widely circulated white paper, CABT stresses that, “The fundamental issue at hand is that of diversion from other modes of transportation, particularly rail. Increasing truck size and weight shifts the economics of shipping, leading to large amounts of freight diverted from the rails to our roads.”


“Rail transportation is inherently more fuel efficient, averaging 492 ton-miles per gallon. Truck transportation averages 121 ton-miles per gallon,” the report states.


You can read the white paper here.

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