RSSI Membership



Membership in the RSSI is available to:


  • Corporations, Partnerships, or Individuals who are engaged in manufacturing and/or selling of Services, Products, Appliances, Appurtenances, or Devices, which are appropriately used in railway signals, controls, communications, and management information systems.
  • Engineers, consultants, or contractors engaged in design, construction, operation or maintenance of any such product.
  • Members of the rail or rail-transit industry trade media.


  • $500 US Dollars – One Time Initiation Fee
  • $450 US Dollars (as of Jan 1, 2015) – Active (Exhibiting) or Associate (Non-Exhibiting)


1. Active Membership

  • Active members shall be eligible to exhibit at Corporation exhibitions.
  • However, should an Active member company not exhibit any two (2) years of a rolling five (5) year period the member company’s membership status shall be changed to an Associate membership.


2. Associate Membership

  • Associate members shall not be eligible to exhibit at Corporation exhibitions.
  • Associate members shall not be eligible for election to the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
  • Associate members shall not be eligible to serve on any committees of the Corporation.
  • Should an Associate member company wish to upgrade to Active member status such member company must submit a written request for such status change to the Executive Director of this Corporation.


Membership Application:

The membership application form can be obtained via the following link or by contacting the RSSI office directly at 904-379-3366.




Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. is a trade association serving the communication and signal segment of the rail transportation industry.