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What is RSSI? 
Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. is a trade association serving the communication and signal segment of the rail transportation industry. RSSI continues to grow with over 240 member companies.


Our primary effort each year is to organize and manage a trade show for our members to exhibit their products and services.


The association was incorporated in 1966 as the Railway Signal and Communication Suppliers Association Inc. Previous to that time it existed as two separate entities, one for the signal area and one dealing in the communications area of the railroad industry. Although records are vague for the years previous to 1966, there are indications that one or both of these entities were in existence as far back as 1906. In 1972 the corporate name was changed to Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc.


The governing body of the RSSI is made up of fourteen directors from fourteen member companies and meets five times a year. These elected Directors each serve for three year terms without remuneration. Any expenses involved are either born by the individual or their company.

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Exhibition Kit
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